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Conference Report

A report of the conference, Catholics Building Peace: Tools, Materials and Strategies from Around the World was written by Mary Ann Cejka (PDF file). Here is a brief introduction:

The purpose of this paper is to provide a compilation of insights from the consultation in terms of lessons learned in Catholic peacebuilding, useful practices, and gaps between theory and practice. The paper therefore focuses upon substantive points emerging from each of the major presentations. Its purpose is not to summarize the major presentations of the consultation—that has been done elsewhere. To adhere to the “building” metaphor in Catholic peacebuilding, perhaps the best way to describe this paper is as a more-or-less orderly presentation of tools, materials, and strategies utilized by Catholics building peace. These are presented as direct quotes or paraphrases of participants’ statements and questions. To be sure, some of the tools described herein are crude implements, some of the materials are rough-hewn, and some strategies not yet tried and true—but this is as it should be. If any certainty emerged from the consultation, it is that Catholic peacebuilding is and always will be a work in progress.