Catholic Peacebuilding Network

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4th Annual CPN Conference in Colombia, July 2007

Creating a Climate of Reconciliation: Opening Space for Truth, Justice and Reparation was CPN’s 4th Annual International Conference. It was held from June 24-29, 2007 in Bogotá, Colombia.

Hosted by Secretariado Nacional de Pastoral Social/Caritas Colombia, Church leaders, scholars and peacebuilding practitioners from around the world gathered June 24-29, 2007, to identify solutions for achieving a just and lasting peace in Colombia. Specifically, the conference in Colombia sought:

1. To improve international awareness and understanding of the key role that the Catholic Church plays in promoting peace in Colombia;

2. To bring together scholars, Church leaders, and peacebuilding practitioners from a diverse set of countries in conflict to share their wisdom about “best practices” and lessons learned; and

3. To explore concrete ways in which interested parties outside Colombia might support the efforts of the Catholic community as it continues to play a critical role in promoting a just and lasting peace.