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Upcoming Events

If you are seeking information about our most recent conference, PEACEBUILDING 2013: Pacem in Terris at 50 which took place April 9-10, 2013 at The Catholic University of America, please see the Past Events conference page for texts, videos, coverage, and links.

In our current, second phase, CPN is focused on supporting the capacity of the Church to build peace in Central Africa, Colombia and the Philippines. This is an initiative of global solidarity where sharing of insights and expertise will be fostered in numerous directions. The Church has a great deal of expertise already in peacebuilding. Those involved in capacity building as resource persons will no doubt learn as much, or more so, than those struggling with justice and peace each day in these parts of the world.

As we continue in this phase, we host periodic conferences, strategy sessions, workshops and other events. Look to this page for information about upcoming events. Some may be open to the public while others are for specific constituencies as we work to build the capacity of the Church for peacebuilding.

Please see our Past Events section at right for information on prior conferences and events, including papers and some videos.