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Overview of the Conflicts

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The scene of numerous violent wars causing massive human suffering in 1990s, Central Africa has been mired in armed conflicts that have defied the international community’s capacity for crisis response and management. In the Democratic Republic of Congo, the holding of national elections in 2006 closed an important chapter in the country’s postwar transition, but failures in army and police reform, insufficient infrastructure and poor governance have left many of the root causes of violence in tact. The situation in the east again escalated from mid-2008, with grave consequences for civilians. A new bilateral alliance with neighbouring Rwanda to move against the [Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda] FDLR rebels in North Kivu signalled a new regional dynamic, but inadequate demobilisation of rebel groups and renewed attacks on civilians from early 2009 have underscored the urgency of a comprehensive political approach to address the ongoing crisis in the region.

Excerpt from a report from the International Crisis Group’s Central Africa Project.

Copyright permission granted on a standing basis.

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