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According to Fides News Service, Sister Teresina Caffi, of the Missionaries of Mary, Xaverians, operating in Bukavu, the capital of South Kivu (eastern Democratic Republic of Congo), addressed thousands of women on October 17, 2010. The women marched to demand that the root causes of the use of rape as an instrument of war be addressed. She stated that “Certainly 20 years of war rapes have led to a trivialization of sexual violence. Children who have seen their mother raped 20 years ago are now adults and we do not know what effect this violence has had on their emotional balance. … We need to help spread the recent UN report denouncing these events.”

The Role of the Exploitation of Natural Resources in Fueling and Prolonging Crises in the Eastern DRC, a Human Security Report by International Alert, January 1, 2010.

Amid Ivory Coast’s Crisis, Bishops Make a Plea, February 7, 2005.

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Social and Economic Justice, All Africa Conference of Churches.

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United States Institute of Peace, Catholic Contributions to International Peace (PDF document).

A document prepared by the Vatican in preparation for the Second African Synod.

Jason Gehrig with Mark Rogers, edited by Dennis Warner, Chris Seremet, and Tom Bamat, Water and Conflict: Incorporating Peacebuilding into Water Development (Baltimore: Catholic Relief Services, 2009), 134 pages.

Peace Media Clearinghouse
The Peace Media Clearinghouse is a joint project of the U.S. Institute of Peace and Georgetown University’s Conflict Resolution Program the Peace Media Clearinghouse. The clearinghouse is a collection of key audio and visual resources and best practices related to conflict management.

Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good
Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good is a nonpartisan, lay Catholic organization that promotes awareness of Catholic social teaching. is a website created by journalists to give other journalists (of the Religion Newswriters Association) tips and sources.

Religion and Foreign Policy Initiative Webpage
The Council on Foreign Relations launched a new webpage for its “Religion and Foreign Policy Initiative.” Designed with religious leaders and scholars in mind, material on this page will be timely, relevant, and easy to browse by topic and region.