Catholic Peacebuilding Network

Enhancing the study and practice of Catholic peacebuilding

Education for Peace

Schools for Peace and Co-Existence
The Schools for Peace and Co-Existence (Escuelas de Paz y Convivencia) formed by the Catholic Church through the National Social Ministry Secretariat (SNPS) Life, Justice and Peace Department in cooperation with the Jesuits’ Program for Peace are recognized as a truly innovative grassroots peace effort. Emerging from the Way of the Cross campaign, these schools have provided 13,000 community leaders with an analysis of the conflict and has encouraged them to discover personal and communal possibilities for defending human dignity and building peace. The methods are those of participatory education, with an emphasis is conflict transformation, reconciliation and citizen participation.
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Schools for Peacebuilders
REDEPAZ is a network of movements, organizations, churches and individuals working together for peace in Colombia. REDEPAZ has a strategy for a project of Schools for Peacebuilders (Escuela Nacional de Constructores y Constructoras). These schools help cultivate knowledge, attitudes and values to develop and cultivate a culture of peace.
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The Forgiveness and Reconciliation Schools
The Forgiveness and Reconciliation Schools (Escuelas de Perdón y Reconciliación, provide training and support for participants so they can overcome violence and focus on processes of forgiveness and reconciliation. ESPERE also works with organizations within the local community to prevent the escalation of conflict. ESPERE is a project of Foundation for Reconciliation (La Fundacion de la Reconciliación), an NGO started by the Missionary Fathers of Consolation.
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The aim of this project is to promote a human rights culture through accompaniment and training in a human rights curriculum in public schools of Bosa. For information go to: FICONPAZ

The Life, Justice and Peace Office
The Life, Justice and Peace office of the SNPS (Vida, Justicia y Paz, VJP) also supports workshops on human rights known as the “School of Human Rights” (Escuela de DDHH) .