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Fr. Cedric Prakash presented From Conflict Prevention to Conflict Transformation at the University of Notre Dame, April 14, 2009. In this paper, which focuses on the Indian state of Gujarat and the lives of Dalits, Fr. Prakash argues that “There is that old adage that ‘prevention is better than cure’ but there is a more frightening type of response which tells one ‘what cannot be cured has to be endured.’” The paper explains how Dalits suffer both from violence and a society that seeks to maintain social stratification.

Residential Schools in India:A Comparative Case Study of Peacebuilding and Social-Empowerment Activities in Food-Assisted Programming at Four Residential Institutions, by Reina Neufeldt, Kishor Patnaik, Christine Capacci Carneal, explores relational and structural peacebuilding activities in four food-assisted education programs designed to promote disadvantaged children’s access to education in tribal areas of India. The research examines residential institutions and their use of peacebuilding innovations to identify lessons for future integrated peacebuilding and education programming. The CRS Integrated Human Development (IHD) Framework was used to analyze strategies to achieve change. The four cases highlighted that while structural change was difficult, it was nevertheless possible. Combined peacebuilding and education efforts were mutually reinforcing strategies to help students and the larger community become more resilient to conflict.