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The Church & Christian-Muslim Collaboration in West Africa – A CRS Perspective (PDF document) was written by Akinbola Thomas Tayib of Catholic Relief Services (CRS) and presented at the AECAWA 11th Plenary Assembly and Workshop, Freetown, Sierra Leone, October 6, 2007. Tayib provides this brief summary: “My presentation begins with an introduction; then a broad overview of the context of Christian-Muslim collaboration in West Africa; and sharing some experiences of a few of our Programs in countries where there is a majority of Muslims over Christians especially in zones (within a given country) where we intervene; and the experiences of some of our very senior employees who are Muslim by faith but have dedicated much of their life working for the ideals of Catholic Relief Services, a catholic organization. I conclude the presentation with a few challenges that we are facing. I will then be available to answer questions of clarification at the end. I will also be happy to engage in further discussions with groups or individuals that are interested in pursuing this dialogue after the session.” (Posted with permission.)