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The Philippines

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Civil war, with roots in the dispossession and marginalization of Moros and indigenous people, broke out between the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the revolutionary Moro National Liberation Front in Mindanao in the early 1970s. The following three decades saw continued violent conflict, interspersed with peace negotiations but no lasting resolution. Full-blown war, between the Philippine government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), which had earlier split off from the MNLF and continued to fight for the right to self-determination for Mindanao’s Muslims, most recently re-erupted in early 2003, forcing thousands of civilians to evacuate their homes; as of January 2005, a tenuous bilateral ceasefire is in place…

Excerpt from: Catholic Relief Services, Wild Dreams of Peace: Lessons of Peace from the Moro-IP Grassroots Peace Process in Mindanao. Baltimore, MD: CRS’ Peace and Reconciliation Program, 2005.

Note: We are grateful to Prakash Bhattarai, research assistant at the University of Notre Dame, for his substantial contributions to the Philippines content of this website.