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Suggested Readings and Websites

Fr. Jun Mercado, OMI, long involved in working for peace in Mindanao, has a social network page, Justpeace, which has current information and commentary on the conflict. He has a blog entry on the 10th anniversary of the initiation of the Filipino government’s all-out war policy against the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF).

On July 5, 2009, in Cotabato City, a bomb exploded in front of the Immaculate Conception Cathedral. These statements by Catholic and Muslim religious leaders followed: STATEMENT of Notre Dame University on the July 5 bombing in Cotabato City, STATEMENT of the National Ulama Conference on the Cotabato bombing, and Religious leaders condemn Iligan bombing.

Helpful background information on the Mindanao conflict is provided by the Asian Center for the Progress of the People.

MindaNews MindaNews is a cooperative composed of independent, professional journalists focused on Mindanao.

The Institute for Autonomy and Governance is an independent and non-partisan think tank founded in 2001 to generate ideas on making autonomy an effective vehicle for peace and development in the southern Philippines.

The Thomson Reuters Foundation has articles on the Mindanao conflict, including a helpful table on key facts.

A World Bank analysis (PDF document) of the conflict by Salvatore Schiavo-Campo and Mary Judd (Feb. 2005).

The Center for Sustainable Peace and Economic Justice at the University of the Philippines, based in Quezon City, has a Chronology of Events on the Mindanao conflict.

The UN Development Program and the Congressional Planning and Budget Department of the House of Representatives has produced a helpful paper entitled Philippines: The Role of the Legislature and Legislators in Advancing the Cause of Peace in Minanao, July, 2005.

Bishop Emeritus John S. Commins wrote an article entitled Mindanao provides model for peacemaking appearing in The Catholic Voice, September 5, 2005, Vol. 43, No. 15.

Here is a special report from the United States Institute of Peace entitled The Mindanao Peace Talks.