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The Uganda Episcopal Conference, the organization of the Catholic bishops of Uganda, has released the following statements on justice and peace since 1961.

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1. Church and State: Guiding Principles, November 1961 (text not available)

2. Shaping Our National Destiny, 9 October 1962 (full text)

3. Reshaping Our Nation, 3 June 1980 (full text)

4. I Have Heard the Cry of My People, 30 October 1980 (full text)

5. Be Converted and Live, 4 March 1981 (full text)

6. In God We Trust, Christmas 1982 (text not available)

7. Celebrating Our Ancestors in the Faith, 15 November 1984 (full text)

8. With a New Heart and a New Spirit, 29 June 1986 (full text)

9. Towards a New National Constitution, 26 March 1989 (full text)

10. The AIDS Epidemic, 8 September 1989 (full text)

11. Let Your Light Shine, 18 October 1992 (full text)

12. Political Maturity: Constitution Peace and National Unity in Uganda, 13 April 1995 (full text)

13. Be My Witnesses, August 1996 (full text)

14. The Evil of Abortion, April 1998 (text not available)

15. Press Release on the Issue of the Referendum, 1 January 1999 (text not available)

16. True Peace Comes from Respect for Human Rights, January 1999 (full text)

17. Test the Spirits, June 2000 (text not available)

18. You are the Salt of the Earth, 1 January 2001 (full text)

19. A Concern for Peace, Unity and Harmony in Uganda, April 2004 (Easter) (full text)

20. Peace to All People of Good Will, 23 December 2004 (full text)

21. Towards a Democratic and Peaceful Uganda, November 2005 (full text)

22. Message to MPs on Legislation that Seeks to Legalize Abortion, December 2006 (text not available)

23. A Call to Justice and Integrity, April 2009 (Easter) (full text)

24. A Call for Sustainable Constitutionalism and Rule of Law in Uganda, November 2009 (full text)

25. Building a Peaceful, United and Prosperous Uganda Through Free and Fair Elections, June 2010 (full text)

26. Communique on the Current Situation, post-2011 elections, June 2011 (text not available)

27. Fifty Years of Independence: Celebrating Our Heritage, 9 October 2012 (full text)

28. Pastoral Letter on the Occasion of the Centenary Celebration of the African Priesthood, June 2013 (text not available)

29. Pastoral Letter on 2016 Elections, August 2015 (full text)