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Book Announcements Related to Catholic Peacebuilding

Peacebuilding Catholic Theology, Ethics, and Praxis

New Book on Catholic Peacebuilding
Three CPN Steering Committee members, Robert J. Schreiter, R. Scott Appleby, and Gerald F. Powers, edited Peacebuilding: Catholic Theology, Ethics, and Praxis, published by Orbis Books. In this volume a strong cast of Catholic theologians, ethicists, and scholar-practitioners join to examine the challenge of peacebuilding in theory and practice. While many of the essays deal with general themes of reconciliation, forgiveness, interreligious dialogue, and human rights, there are also case studies of peacebuilding in such diverse contexts as Colombia, the Philippines, the Great Lakes region of Africa, Indonesia, and South Africa. This volume will be of interest to all scholars engaged in developing a theology and ethic of just peace, as well as students seeking to understand the interaction between theology, ethics, and lived Christianity.

New Book on Political Theology for Africa
Author Emmanuel Katongole, a Catholic priest from Uganda, argues in The Sacrifice of Africa: A Political Theology for Africa that “the most critical social challenge is one of ‘daring to invent’ the future through new foundational narratives that reflect and nurture a fresh, different vision for African politics and social life. This is the primary political difference that Christianity can make in Africa.”

Driven from Home: Protecting the Rights of Forced Migrants
A book edited by David Hollenbach, Driven from Home: Protecting the Rights of Forced Migrants, has been published by Georgetown University Press. It advances the discussion on how best to protect and assist the growing number of persons who have been forced from their homes and proposes a human rights framework to guide political and policy responses to forced migration. To order the book and receive a 30% discount go to the Georgetown University Press website ( and enter the code M67 or by phoning the Georgetown University Press customer service center at (800) 537-5487 and use the M67 code.

Sant' Egidio Book of Prayer

The Sant’ Egidio Book of Prayer
This book, published by Andrea Riccardi in 2009, invites readers into Sant’Egidio’s spiritual life and into solidarity with its mission of prayer, service, and peacemaking in the world today. It can be purchased on-line.

Strategies of Peace, edited by Daniel Philpott and Gerard Powers
Notre Dame’s Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies has published a new book, Strategies of Peace (Oxford University Press), edited by Daniel Philpott and Gerald Powers. This collection of provocative essays (with chapters by several members of the CPN Steering Committee), explores the many dimensions of strategic peacebuilding: the role of religion, post-conflict peacebuilding, forgiveness and reconciliation, peacebuilding in the face of terrorism, and other issues. A news release and the introductory chapter are available.

Peacebuilding in Colombia
Colombia, Building Peace in a Time of War, edited by Virginia M. Bouvier, is “combines insightful analysis with a much needed message of hope for the conflict in Colombia. It is a welcome reminder that only through the participation and innovation of civil society will Colombia find a peace that endures,” according to Jay Olson of the Washington Office on Latin America. It contains a chapter on Catholic peacebuilding in Colombia by Mons. Hector Fabio Henao Gaviria.