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Peace Processes and Mediation

Fifth Conference Making a Point

Information on peace processes in specific parts of the world can be found on the right. Below are links to more general information:

Fr. William Headley, Dean of the Joan B. Kroc School of Justice and Peace at the University of San Diego, wrote an insightful paper about peace processes.

The Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies has a Peace Accords Matrix that compares peace agreements worldwide.

David Smock of the United States Institute of Peace wrote a special report Catholic Contributions to International Peace, (PDF document) Special Report No. 69 (United States Institute of Peace, April 2001).

A paper was presented by Fr. Eliseo Jun Mercado, OMI, National Peace Council, the Philippines,
on Interfaith Dialogue, Peacebuilding and Catholic Spirituality (PDF document).

Laurie Johnston of Emmanuel College and Sant’ Egidio USA on Models of Church Engagement with Peacebuilding (PDF document).