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Background on Peace Processes in Colombia

Msgr. Hector Fabio and Dr. Don Pope Davis

CPN held a conference in Bogota, Colombia, from July 24-29, 2007. Here are some papers that were presented regarding the peace process there:

Virginia M. Bouvier, U.S. Institute of Peace, Colombia: Building Peace in a Time of War.

Olga Consuelo Velez Caro, Como construir paz en tiempos de guerra? (paper in Spanish).

Fr. Francisco de Roux, SJ, A Culture of Peace and Reconciliation: ways to build the country we want regarding the Development and Peace Program in Magdalena Medio (DPMM) (Powerpoint in Spanish).

Fr. Mauricio Garcia Duran, The Role of Civil Society in Peacebuilding in Colombia.

Fr. Mauricio Garcia Duran, Colombia: Challenges and Dilemmas in the Search for Peace (London: Conciliation Resources, 2004).

Fr. Darío Echeverri presented on The Global Context of Colombian Peace Processes, (Powerpoint in Spanish).

Fr. Mauricio Garcia Duran presented Peace Mobilization in Colombia and the Role of the Roman Catholic Church, .

Monseñor Héctor Fabio, Lessons Learned in Peacebuilding in Colombia: Reflections from the Perspective of the Social Ministries/Caritas (paper in English); (Paper in Spanish)

Fr. Dario Echeverri, CCN, The Global Context of Colombian Peace Processes, (in Spanish).

Monseñor Héctor Fabio, The Colombian Church and Peacebuilding, (PDF document), chapter from Colombia: Building Peace in a Time of War edited by Msgr. Hector Fabio Henao Gaviria.

At CPN’s Conference on the Future of Catholic Peacebuilding from April 13-15, 2008, a paper was presented on Catholic Intermediaries and Armed Actors (PDF document), was presented on Caritas Colombia was presented on Colombia by Msgr. Hector Fabio Henao.

In 2002, the Colombian Bishops issued a plan for peace.

For a broad overview of the conflict, see: International Crisis Group’s 2006 Report, Colombia: Towards Peace and Justice? (PDF document). Used with permission.