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Reconciliation in Burundi

Peace From the Ground Up: Post Conflict Socialization, Religion, and Reconciliation in Africa (pdf), a conference on reconciliation that took place in June 2013 in South Africa, produced a comprehensive report. Premised on the claim that peacebuilding in Africa is far from finished after the recent wave of trials and truth commissions, the conference gathered scholars and practitioners to explore the potential of religion and culture for peacebuilding in the wake of massive violence.

Some of the papers developed by CPN members and presented at the Conference on the Future of Catholic Peacebuilding from April 13-15, 2008, are available here. Others papers can be accessed through the links on your right.

Rev. Elizabeth Carmichael of St. John’s College, Oxford University, presented A Practical Theology of Reconciliation (PDF document).

Fr. Emmanuel Ntakarutimana, OP, former Visiting Scholar at the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies at University of Notre Dame, of Center Ubuntu in Burundi, presented Working for Reconciliation in Burundi: Centre Ubuntu Initiative (PDF document).

Fr. Eliseo Jun Mercado, OMI, National Peace Council, the Philippines, presented Interfaith Dialogue, Peacebuilding and Catholic Spirituality (PDF document).

Laurie Johnston of Emmanuel College and Sant’ Egidio USA presented *Models of Church Engagement with Peacebuilding (PDF document).

Fr. Drew Christiansen, SJ, editor of America, presented Peacebuilding as a Developing Norm in Catholic Social Teaching (PDF document).

Marie Dennis of Pax Christi International and Maryknoll presented Ritual, Liturgy, Spirituality and Peacebuilding (PDF document).

Fr. Robert Schreiter CPPS, of Catholic Theological Union presented Future Directions for Catholic Peacebuilding (PDF document).