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Armed conflict has been prevalent in Colombia for over fifty years. And one of the strongest institutions resisting this conflict has been the Catholic Church. In 2016, the government of Colombia reached a peace agreement with one major guerilla group, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, and in 2017 it took major steps toward peace with another, the National Liberation Army. The Catholic Church has been a major actor in both of these processes. CPN has been involved in accompanying the Colombian Church in the effort for peace and reconciliation, and in bringing its wisdom and insight on peacebuilding to Catholic actors in other parts of the world.

CPN involvement with Colombia has included:

  • In 2017 and 2018, CPN co-sponsored two conference events with the Holy See Mission to the UN examining the Colombian Peace Agreement.
  • In 2014, CPN participated in the launch of the National Catholic Network of Reconciliation (Red católica nacional de reconciliación), which followed on the establishment of a secretariat of peacebuilding within the Colombian Episcopal Conference.
  • In 2013, CPN co-sponsored a major biennial Congress on Reconciliation held in Colombia.
  • In 2012, CPN hosted a session for seventeen Colombian bishops, including the current and past leadership of the Episcopal Conference of Colombia, who are involved in the peace process.
  • In 2011, CPN presented research on the Church’s approach to land restitution and peace processes at the bishops’ triennial Congreso de la Reconciliación in Bogotá.
  • In 2007, CPN's fourth annual international conference on Catholic peacebuilding was held in Bogotá, with the theme "Creating a Climate of Reconciliation: Opening Space for Truth, Justice and Reparation." 

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