Vision and Mission

Lay And Religious

The Catholic Church is blessed with many artisans of peace working to prevent violent conflicts from breaking out, resolve them once started, and reconcile divided societies after they have ended. CPN complements these efforts toward a distinctly Catholic form of peacebuilding by responding to four needs:

Deepening Solidarity: The Church's artisans of peace often feel isolated. CPN connects peacebuilders from around the world in order to deepen relationships of solidarity.

Sharing Best Practices: The Church's work for peace is not well known or understood. CPN stimulates a more systematic sharing, mapping, and analysis of the best practices of Catholic peacebuilding.

Building Capacity: Catholic peacebuilders too often lack skills and resources. CPN links peacebuilders with those who can provide training, strategic planning, or other resources necessary for effective peacebuilding.

Developing a Theology of Peacebuilding: Many have called for a theology of
peacebuilding that is comparable in sophistication to the Church's teaching on war.
CPN stimulates further reflection on peacebuilding as a conceptually coherent,
theologically accurate, spiritually enlivening, and practically effective contribution
to the Church's broader teaching on justice and peace.


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CPN accomplishes this response through four main means:

Convenings: CPN convenes major international gatherings of scholars, Church leaders, and practitioners, as well as regional meetings of peacebuilders in areas where its has partnerships. 

Clearinghouse: Through its website and other communications, CPN is a clearinghouse for information on Catholic peacebuilding activities, resources, and research.

Research: CPN stimulates scholarly research and publishing. In addition to papers from its conferences, CPN has completed a major research project culminating in a
groud-breaking volume, Peacebuilding: Catholic Theology, Ethics, and Praxis (2010). 
Current research foci include mining and conflict and nuclear disarmament.

Training and Support: CPN is not a funding organization, but it assists in accessing
needed resources and offers training and strategic planning programs for Church
leaders and peacebuilding specialists.