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Women at the Third Annual International Catholic Peacebuilding Conference in Burundi, 2006

Along with its affiliated institutions and other partners, CPN regularly supports different kinds of convenings to advance the study of peacebuilding, to enable networking among peacemaking scholars and practitioners from around the world, and to support and accompany universities, institutions, and organizations working to foster peace in areas beset by violence and conflict. These international gatherings are a vital instrument for CPN to accomplish its aims. They allow peacebuilders to forge solidarity and share best practices, aid the building of capacity by supplying universities and other institutions with training and resources, and provide space for dialogue about the development of a theology of peacebuilding. 

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We were a state that was emerging from conflict. They were there to witness this moment and to be a support to us as the country emerges from war.

-Archbishop Evariste Ngoyagoye, Archbishop of Bujumbura, Burundi, speaking of the Third Annual CPN Conference in Burundi in 2006, comments from a 2008 interview with Gene Stowe of the Catholic News Service

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