Ukraine and the Nuclear Posture Review


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Creating a World Free of Nuclear Weapons: Series of Monthly Student Conversations

Ukraine and the Nuclear Posture Review: Where Do We Go From Here?
Wednesday, March 16th 2022, 7:30 -8:30 pm ET

The fight for nuclear disarmament has encountered two new challenges: the war in Ukraine and the impending release of the Biden administration’s Nuclear Posture Review. Both of these will have impacts on the political landscape in the coming years, as Ukraine’s decision to relinquish its nuclear weapons comes under new focus by policymakers across the world, and Putin’s provocations raise the globe’s fears about nuclear war, and the United States’ response as manifested in the Nuclear Posture Review. We will discuss these two new challenges and strategize as a group about how the nuclear disarmament movement can effectively respond to them, and how the Catholic Church can respond to this particular moment.

The Nuclear Posture Review has, historically, been the moment when each American President since Clinton has set their nuclear agenda and taken stock of the country's nuclear arsenal. It can also be used to measure the success of disarmament efforts within the United States. Join us to learn more!

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