New Toolkit from Catholic University of South Sudan

Author: Caesar Montevecchio

Cuofss Ijps Interpersonal Rela And Nonviolence A5 Small Book 1

Interpersonal Relations and Wellbeing, Social Justice and Nonviolence: Toolkit for Secondary Schools, Parishes and Youth Groups

The Institute for Justice and Peace Studies (IJPS) at the Catholic University of South Sudan has developed a toolkit for secondary schools, parishes and youth groups, which has its origin in a series of workshops that were held with the university’s student body. The toolkit aims to open up an extra-curricular forum for learners to hold deeply personal and contextually-grounded conversations about their continuously shifting everyday social realities. The toolkit, drawing from peace studies, theology, anthropology and critical pedagogy, engages learners with difference and diversity and explores both the globally-circulating meanings and dimensions of wellbeing, social justice and nonviolence, as well as how these are lived and experienced across subjectivities, time, and space.