Webinar Series in Observance of World Water Day

Author: Caesar Montevecchio

Aqua fons vitae cover

Last year, the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development published the report Aqua fons vitaeThis year, World Water Day will be celebrated on March 22 with the theme "Valuing Water." The Dicastery is taking this opportunity to organize a series of public dialogues to further promote Aqua fons vitae consisting of five webinars designed for a broad audience, with an informative purpose and a desire to promote interdisciplinary collaboration. Speakers from different countries, religious congregations, various Church structures, and international or regional organizations will share their insights and testimonies on the themes of Aqua fons vitae. These webinars are being organized in partnership with one or more organizations. They will take place in different languages and at different times, one per day, from March 22 to March 26.