Catholic Theology and Faith-Based Peacebuilding Documents: Asia


Sean Williams, "How the Catholic Church is fighting the drug war in the Philippines," America Magazine

Cardinal Charles Maung Bo, "From Death to Life: Building a Nation of Hope and Peace"


Socrates Villegas, Message at the Opening of the 113th CBCP Plenary Assembly


Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines, "A Pastoral Statement of the CBCP on Certain Social Issues of Today"


Anna Zoros, CRS-CPN Report Mapping Catholic Peacebuilding In Mindanao


Myla Leguro, "The Many Dimensions of Catholic Peacebuilding, Mindanao Experience," paper delivered at the Fifth Annual CPN Conference, April 13-15, 2008, Notre Dame, IN


Scott Appleby, "What Is Distinctively Catholic About Peacebuilding in Mindanao," paper delivered at the Second Annual CPN Conference, July 11-15, 2005, Davao City, the Philippines


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