Human Rights, Development, and Land Rights Documents


David Hollenbach, "A Relational Understanding of Human Rights: Human Dignity in Social Solidarity," Emory Law Journal


John Ashworth, "An Angry Shepherd: Sudanese Bishop Macram Max Gassis"


G20 Interfaith Summit, "Faith Engagement Against All Forms of Corruption: A Prerequisite for Implementing the SDGs"

Red Muqui, Metodologías para el fortalecimiento de Organizaciones sociales

Camilo Vargas Koch, Constantin Bittner, Vanessa Dreier, Moritz Fichtl,Annika Gottmann, Wiebke Thomas, Alternativas de desarrollo en lasregiones mineras de Perú

South Sudan Catholic Bishops' Secretariat, Statement of Caritas Partner Meeting

CENCO, "Briefing de la CENCO au Conseil de Securite des Nations Unies le 19/03/2018"


Pope Francis, Address to leaders of Myanmar

Pope Francis, "Migrants and Refugees: men and women in search of peace," 2018 World Day of Peace Message

Robin Broad and John Cavanagh, "Historic Wins for Democracy and Human Rights in El Salvador"

Catholic Relief Services, Integrating Governance, Peacebuilding and Gender for Influence and Impact

CINEP/PPP, Noche y Niebla 54

Pope Francis, Letter to the G20

Berkley Center, Religious Dimensions of Development: Lessons at the Country Level

South Sudan Council Of Churches, "Appeal On The Humanitarian Crisis"

Adriana Fuentes, Andrea Lopera Lombana, Javier Lautaro Medina, Tulia Moreno (CINEP/PPP), Restitucion de Tierras


Azza Karam and Katherine Marshall, "Religion, Human Rights, and Development: Focusing on Health," Review of Faith and International Affairs


Nell Bolton and Myla Leguro, CRS, "Local Solutions to Land Conflict in Mindanao: Policy lessons from Catholic Relief Services's Applying the 3 Bs to Land Conflict project"

Winifred Tate, "Violencia y atención pastoral en Putumayo, Colombia"

Winifred Tate, "Violence and Pastoral Care in Putumayo, Colombia"

Miguel Barreto Henriques, "El Programa de desarrollo y paz del Magdalena Medio-un modelo de construccion de paz para el post conflicto en Colombia?"


Scott Appleby, "Religion, Violence, and the Right to Peace," in Religion and Human Rights: an Introduction


Drew Christiansen, "Church Teaching, Public Advocacy, and Environmental Action," Zygon

ABColombia, Returning Land to Colombia's Victims


Andres Moya and Ana M. Ibanez, "Do Conflicts Create Poverty Traps? Asset Losses and Recovery for Displaced Households in Colombia," MICROCON Research Paper


Katherine Marshall, "Ancient and contemporary wisdom and practice on governance as religious leaders engage in international development," Journal of Global Ethics


Katherine Marshall and Marisa Van Saanen, Development and Faith: Where Mind, Heart, and Soul Work Together

Episcopal Conference Of Rwanda, "Plan Strategique pour le Developpement Humain"


Fernando Augusto Sarmiento Santander, "Construyendo pazy dignidadr la participación jesuita en el Magdalena Medio de Colombia"


Miriam Coronel Ferrer, "Institutional Response: Civil Society," 2005 Philippine Human Development Report, Human Development Network


Mauricio Katz Garcia, "A regional peace experience: The Magdalena Medio Peace and Development Programme," Accord 14 (Conciliation Resources)


Uganda Episcopal Conference, "True Peace Comes from Respect for Human Rights"


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