Sample Syllabi

The following syllabi are for courses on peacebuilding and related topics, such as moral theology, human rights, and nonviolence. If you would like to share a syllabus related to Catholic peacebuilding, please contact Caesar Montevecchio.

Drew Christiansen, S.J., Georgetown University
The Catholic Peace Tradition
War, Nonviolence and Peacebuilding (2015)

Kenneth Diable, Mount Aloysius College
Politics and Christianity (2008)
Justice and Human Rights (2006)
Christian Moral Theology (2005)

David Hollenbach, Boston College
Christian Ethics and Social Issues (2002)
Human Rights, Humanitarian Crises and Refugees: Ethical, Political, and Religious Responses (2010)

Eli Sasaran McCarthy, Georgetown University
Nonviolence in Theory and Practice (2013)

Dan Philpott, University of Notre Dame
Catholic Peacebuilding

Gerard F. Powers, Universitty of Notre Dame
War, Peace, and the Catholic Imagination (2013)

Gerald W. Schlabach, University of St. Thomas
Social Ethics (2002)
Morality of War and Peace (2017)