In 2014, CPN began work focused on natural resource extraction and land use, issues of great importance to all of the global locations where CPN has been involved. Conflict and violence have been frequent as parties have struggled for control of the wealth offered by these resources, laborers have faced exploitation and danger, and environmental harm has occurred leading to greater social instability. CPN has attempted to map Catholic engagement on these issues. And in Fall 2015, CPN sponsored a colloquium to invite scholars and experts to craft a strategy for generating theological and ethical study of these issues through the lens of peacebuilding and Catholic Social Teaching. Based on the work of that colloquium, CPN is in the process of formulating a long-term, fine-grained research plan to integrate existing research on extractives, relate it to the practices of the Catholic community, and consider it from a peacebuilding perspective.

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Also visit the following sites for Church organizations specifically dedicated to working on issues of conflict resources in CPN partner areas.

CERN/CENCO: The National Episcopal Conference of Congo's Commission on Natural Resources

REPAM: Red Ecclesia Amazonica, a cooperative commission of bishops' conferences in the Amazon basin that works on issues of environment and natural resources.