Transitional Justice and Reconciliation

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A vital aspect of lasting peace is work for justice and reconciliation. While peace often implies to many the cessation of conflict, peacebuilding emphasizes that post-conflict transition with truth-telling, accountability, and community restoration is necessary for the genuine flourishing of nations and regions that have suffered violence and war. CPN helps enable on-the-ground peacebuilding actors in Catholic institutions to accompany peoples emerging from conflict to find reconciliation. It does so by engaging the expertise of scholars on the subject, and by facilitating training and strategic advising for bringing together those formerly on opposite sides of conflict in order to bring about reconciliation and transition to peaceful and secure civic life.

CPN has directly supported reconciliation initiatives in Uganda and Colombia, and in December 2018 CPN published a pastoral planning tool, Catholic Approaches to Transitional Justice and Reconciliation Processes. The tool offers strategies, frameworks, and best practices for how Catholic groups can make distinctive contributions to post-conflict justice and reconciliation.