Teresa of Ávila and Peacemaking in a Nuclear Age

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Location: St. Mary's College

Event details for Teresa of Ávila and Peacemaking in a Nuclear Age

Conference Description

How can a 16th century mystic help people in the 21st century in making peace? Inspired by the work of Vilma Seelaus, O.C.D. who believed that Teresa’s spirituality could be a resource for creating peace today, this four-day seminar explores this question through presentations on Teresa of Avila’s life, communal conversation on Teresa’s writing, time for contemplative prayer and ritual. Teresa walked a way of peacemaking amid the patriarchal oppression of her time and offers a way to embody peace for human transformation in the urgency our times.

Conference Format

To take up Teresa’s wisdom we will engage in communal lectio divina. The presentations, time for prayer and group reflection are to enable contemporary appropriation of Teresa’s classic texts for being peace in our time. During these four days, we will meet in small groups to discuss these materials in greater depth, in a contemplative rhythm of personal and communal reflection.

We recommend participants engage with Teresa’s writings as well as the work of Sr. Vilma Seelaus, O.C.D. in advance of the gathering. Upon confirmation of registration, each participant will receive access to these materials in preparation for the seminar.


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